White Possum - Naked Hazelnut

Naked Hazelnut

Melbourne, VIC

"Naked Hazelnut is a rich and decadent liqueur featuring intense nutty flavours with subtle chocolate undertones. Made right here in our distillery, this is a 'revamped' take on the classic Italian Frangelico recipe. To make it, we roast and crush 100% Australian hazelnuts (grown on a farm in Victoria in fact). To this nutty paste, we also mix in a smattering of organic cacao nibs to lend a little ‘chocolatey’ edge. We then infuse everything patiently in spirit to slowly extract all the flavourful oils. Finally, we add an infusion of aromatic roots to add a touch more earthiness to the flavour profile. We use real ingredients throughout and deliberately avoid filtering the liqueur to ensure no flavour is filtered out, so you may notice some sediment and oils that may drift out of the liqueur over time. Simply give your bottle a quick shake and all will be normal again!

On the nose you'll pick up a big whiff of fresh roast hazelnuts intermingling with earthy notes and aromas of bitter chocolate. Traces of Christmas pudding. There's a slight woodiness too, so close your eyes and imagine being in the middle of a hazelnut plantation. On the palate you'll be greeted with some sweetness upfront, which kicks the palate into gear just before a wave of nutty goodness and more woodiness arrives. It's thick, decadent and syrup-like and has the strength to stand out in a cocktail. On the finish, you'll experience a sweet ending that lingers for a while, but not too long. A bit more woodiness comes through onto the palate amidst the collapsing wave of nuttiness, leaving a subtle spicy flavour to hang around for a moment longer." – White Possom