Whisson Lake - 2016 Madame Boulanger Pinot Noir

The Whisson Lake Vineyard, in in Piccadilly Valley, is South Austalia's highest vineyard at vertigo-inducing 615m+ above sea level. The east-facing hillside curves and rises so steeply it’s created its own Burgundy-style mesoclimate, sunny and warm in some sections, cool and shady in others, resulting in entirely distinct fruit all grown on the same hill. From this fruit picked at just the right moment, Andrie and Mark Whisson make Burgundian style Pinot Noirs with small natural ferments. The duo know exactly when it’s better to step back and let the wine do its thing. Their minimal intervention approach utilises wild yeast and no additives of any kind, other than a dash of sulphur just before bottling. This Pinot is so silken you’ll want to wear it. Licks of light red fruits, fine, soft tannins and a balanced acid line, with a floral nose of rose petals, cherry blossoms and violets, and a whisper of dried herbs on the finish. Yum.

Varietal Pinot Noir || Region Piccadilly Valley, SA || ABV 13.5% || Vol 750ml