Warndu - Wattleseed Balsamic Vinegar

Wattleseed Balsamic Vinegar

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Made using wild harvested Wattleseed from the Flinders Ranges, this insane balsamic champions the nutty, coffee and chocolate flavours of the wattleseed. It has a beautiful savoury, wheat-biscuit flavour. YUM. Perfect mixed with oil as a delightful salad dressing, great in baking or drizzled over fruits and ice cream. It's a sweet balsamic; syrupy and sweet – much like a balsamic glaze. Wattleseed is a traditional source of carbohydrates and protein, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc. This balsamic vinegar is plant-based, vegan and made in Australia. 250ml.

Warndu means 'good' in the Adnyamathanha language. Warndu's mission is to regenerate culture, community, tradition, health and our soils. Every product they make includes one or more Australian native ingredients, all locally sourced, seasonal and wild harvested.

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