Transition Farm - Biodynamic 'Badger Flame' Beetroot Seeds

Biodynamic 'Badger Flame' Beetroot Seeds

Sought after by chefs all over, this vibrant, cylindrical cultivar (Beta vulgaris) is much-loved for its fiery appearance and incredible flavour. It has a starburst yellow, orange and red interior, with all the natural vegetal sweetness of a beetroot without the overpowering earthy flavour – this is because it has low amounts of geosmin (the compound that gives beets their earthy or 'dirt' flavour), creating a perfectly mild and sweet golden beet that's delightful raw and cooked. These happy biodynamic seeds are best suited to organic/biodynamic growing conditions, in living soil, where the health of the whole ecosystem is nurtured. Each pack contains approx 80 seeds, and each seed sold supports public plant breeding research at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Did you know conventional seed production is one of the most chemically intensive types of agriculture? On the Southern end of the Mornington Peninsula, the magical Transition Farm grows certified organic/biodynamic non-GMO seeds, regionally bred for flavour, resilience in low input growing conditions, naturally strong genetics, disease resistence, local adaptation and acclimation to our Southern Hemisphere latitude and climate. Transition Farm are passionately dedicated to biodynamics – nurturing whole farm ecosystems, developing living soils, contributing to healthy communities and ensuring food sovereignty.