Toyo-Sasaki - Textured Carafe Hand Made in Japan

Textured Carafe Hand Made in Japan

Hand made in Japan by master craftsmen, this beautiful glass carafe is crafted from semi-lead crystal with a subtle textured surface. It measures 46 x 36 x 24 mm and holds 800ml. Ideal for wine, sake, water...anything.

Located in Yachiyo, Chiba prefecture (near Tokyo), Toyo-Sasaki Glass was established when two of the oldest glass manufacturing companies in Japan merged – Toyo (est. 1878) and Sasaki (est. 1902). TSG's hand-made glassware production is led by Certified Traditional Japanese Craftmasters, a prestigious prefectural title for artisans who have attained the highest level of skill and knowledge on traditional Japanese regional heritage crafts (requiring at least 15 years of glassmaking experience).