Timothee Stroebel - 2016 Le Vin Tranquille Coteaux Champenoise

To make impressive, complex and expressive sparkling wine, the still wine itself must be perfect. If you aren't enjoying your Champagne even when it's a little flat, it probably didn't start that well to begin with. This is a wonderful example of what the still wines of Champagne look like, can be, are. 

Made from 100% Pinot Meunier, the nose is intense; crushed blueberry, sweet red table grapes, candied almond and spice cupboard. It's dry, but not overwhelmingly so, aided by its huge fruit. Give it some time in the glass to derobe, it'll smooth out into honey town, soft, gentle and raspberry kissed. The still wines of Champagne are called Coteaux Champenois, and after this, you may never go back. Complex and definitely to be enjoyed with food. Welcome to the world of still Champagne. 

Variety Pinot Meunier || Region Champagne, France || ABV 12.5% || Vol 750mL