Timo Mayer - 2019 Cabernet

German-born Timo Mayer is a legendary character of the Yarra Valley. From his close-planted Yarra Valley vineyard, named 'Bloody Hill', Timo crafts incredible vinos made with low intervention but exceedingly high skill. His signature style is his whole-bunch fermentation, which births compelling wines of astounding structure.

Old world meets new world in Timo's 2019 Cabernet. 100% whole bunch fermented, with fine tannins and chewy texture partly derived from stalks, seeds and skins. This wine is a sensory mosaic. A pretty purple perfume is the prologue to a bounteous palate of cassis, violet, mulberry and greenery that penetrates every crevasse of your mouth. It feels dense yet weightless. A noble heart adorned with wild edges; a bit like Timo himself.  This is Cabernet, but not as you've known it. Fascinating stuff.

Varietal Cabernet Franc || Region Yarra Valley, VIC || ABV 13% || Vol 750ml