Tierra Noble Exquisito Extra Añejo Tequila

A tequila for whisky lovers. Crafted from Tequilana Weber, this extra-old Anejo is a blend of the finest aged stocks from La Estacada, aged for up to 85 months. Intense dark golden amber hue, this is an exceptionally harmonious potion. Silken, oily layers of cinnamon, cardamom, peach, apricot, anise, leather, earth and tropical fruit, with lots of smokey wood shining through. The finish is dry and evocative, with hints of roasted agave, pine nuts and vanilla, and a glimmer of smoke. What a journey! Comes in a faaaancy satin-lined box, too.

Type Tequila || Region Jalisco, Mexico || ABV 40% || Vol 750ml