The Other Right - 2021 Moonshine

2021 Moonshine

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Viognier, Pinot Gris
Adelaide Hills, SA

The sweetest nymph on the label guards a magical wine. Mostly Viognier, splashed with Pinot Gris. There’s lots of spices playing with orange blossom, turmeric, earl grey tea, cardamom and rose water. You’d almost wish it was a candle you could keep in your room if you didn’t want to drink it so much.

Alex and Galit are The Other Right. They’re based within the Adelaide Hills, Australia’s hub for natural wine. They are absolute legends within Australia’s lo-fi scene, championing sustainable production and making wines that bend and transcend trend or tradition. They like to say that the wines are an expression of themselves; sometimes a little rough on the edges, full of contradictions. Wild and free.


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