Taylor & Smith - Whisky Mini 100ml

Whisky Mini 100ml

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Taylor & Smith – not to be confused with Taylor Swift – is a little artisan distillery in Hobart owned and run by Natalie and Ben, who experiment with local Tasmanian botanicals to distil the spirit of place. For their whiskies, the duo hand mill all Tasmanian malted barley; mash; ferment with their unique yeast profile and distil with direct firing. They use only the highest quality barrels to match their carefully crafted spirit; smelling, tasting and refining as it matures to ensure the best flavour. Subtle caramelisation provides warmth and depth, and their whisky takes on the character of each individual barrel – evoking the soul of Tasmania, the seasons and the sun.

Their mini single malt Tasmanian whisky tastes like sunshine filtering through a dark rainforest with honey warmth. 100ml.

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