Tassie Devil G+T

TDG+T. It's a thing.

We all know Tasmania is a crucible of seriously good produce and seriously good producers. That's what makes this G+T pack so darn special. Taylor & Smith gin is handcrafted in Hobart by Natalie and Ben using locally grown and foraged Tassie ingredients: Huon Valley apples (for the eau de vie), sweet-scented Kunzea, hand-harvested Kombu, Tasmanian Pepperberries, Leatherwood Honey, Juniper, Coriander, Orris, Angelica, Strawberry Gum and Citrus. The water comes from a lake of snowmelt at Mount Field National Park. Speaking of water – enter Cape Grim, the "purest bottled water on the planet". A big call, but speak to any water sommelier (for real) and they'll testify. This sparkling water comprises raindrops sourced when the air is its purest from the pristine skies of remote northwest Tasmania. Now, throw in some Pepperberry tonic syrup (very low in sugar btw) handcrafted in Tassie, and you have yourself a devilishly good time. Also a dried orange wheel to garnish (okayyy these are from the mainland, soz). Mix equal parts gin and sparkling (say 30ml each) with up to a tablespoon of tonic syrup. Boom.