Tasmanian Tonic Company - Smoked Eucalyptus Tonic Syrup

Smoked Eucalyptus Tonic Syrup

Non alcoholic
Hobart, TAS

"Our tonic waters syrups are designed to complement fine spirits. They’re very low in sugar with delicately balanced singular botanicals to complement without overwhelming. Fine spirits deserve a fine tonic. We recommend that you mix 1 part syrup to 10 parts soda water - but play around until you find what is right for you and your spirit. Our syrups are also an excellent choice for cocktails - marinate your olives for a dirty martini, a dash of Smoked Eucalyptus with your spiced rum, some Leatherwood in a whiskey cocktail... 

Smoked Eucalyptus Tonic Syrup Eucalyptus (Bluegum) and smoke (Sugargum) flavours reminiscent of campfires in the Tasmanian bush combine perfectly with distinctive gin (and even whiskey) to provide the true taste of the island state" – Tasmanian Tonic Co