Suiryu - Junmai Kimoto

Junmai Kimoto

Nara, Japan

In the mountainous town of Nara, Suiryu brewery has been operating for over 3 centuries (since 1702)! Today, Suiryu is renowned for making one of the best Kimoto sakes in Japan. Mr. Kato Katsunori is one of Japan's top sake brewers and a master of the traditional Kimoto method, which refers to the technique in which the sake starter is made. The Kimoto method produces naturally occurring wild sake yeasts as well as natural lactic acid, which works as an organic anti-bacterial, thus creating a pristine environment for a healthy and strong culture to develop.

Crafted from yamadanishiki and akitsuho rice polished to 65%, this kimoto sake is a pale straw colour and evokes delicate flavours of rice malt with a subtle spicy aroma. Dry and clean with a slight bite in the finish. Enjoy it at room temperature, or slightly warmed (PSST – no hotter than a bath). At 45 degrees flavours are more coherent, and it becomes super dry with an astringent aftertaste. Once opened, it will keep for 3 months, or more.