Stoney Rise - 2020 No Clothes Pinot Gris

Stoney Rise is a small winery in Tasmania's Tamar Valley that has a huge reputation.

Winemaker Joe Holyman and his wife Lou purchased the property in 2004, a picturesque site planted to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay planted in 1986. It was an a-ha moment for them both, having extensive backgrounds in everything wine, but it wasn't until they saw the site in the Tamar that they knew they were destined to make the stuff. They are the keepers of Tasmanian Burgundy, mineral rich, rippling Chardonnays and plush, fruited Pinots. 

This Pinot Gris has a flirty, bitter edge, much like musky and Campari. Zingy with tangelos but smooth and rich in the palate, making for a smart, interesting drink. No SO2 either, remarkably stable wine.

Variety Pinot Gris || Region Tamar Valley, Tasmania || ABV 12.5% || Vol 750ml