Staffelter Hof - 2020 'Papa Panda's Rising'

2020 'Papa Panda's Rising'

Mosel, Germany

At almost 1,200 years old, Weingut Staffelter-Hof is THE oldest working winery in the world. Whoa. These wines are atypical for the Mosel; certified organic, wild fermented and finished without additions. Proper naturweine; so pure, so expressive. This wine is one-hundred percent Riesling from the Mosel and produced completely without additives. Fruity, fresh and a little yeasty. Tangy and with bitter grapefruit peel. Like a little wine/tonic combo. Yum.

The first mention of the Staffelter Hof estate and house was found in documents dated 862 AD, and the Klein family has owned the site since 1805, securing it from Napoleon. As is much the case with most European wine families, it has been handed down gen after gen. It was primarily a bulk wine production until the late 50's when current winemaker Jan Klein's grandfather took over the winemaking. Jan Mattias Klein took over from his father in 2005 as winemaker. He converted all of the vineyards to organics, and moved to a more minimal style of winemaking, which also included reducing the level of SO2 used in the winemaking. The viticulture has been 100% organic since the 2012 vintage, and the estate is now certified as of 2014. It’s so intriguing to see a winemaker flourish in both the classics and the more modern and experimental styles.