Sextant Julien Altaber - 2019 Po a Po

2019 Po a Po

Burgundy, France

Julien Altaber has worked in Saint Aubin just south of the city of Beaune for a number of years, he has made wine in small amounts, but his main focus for a long time was working for the fierce Dominique Derain. You can taste how curioius, thoughtful and intuitive Julien tends to be, in these provocative wines under the Sextant label. Pure, entrancing and soft to touch, they are quite hypnotic. We imagine these to be wines for the perfect date, under stars, grassy charms. Julien and Carole Schwab have now bought the Domaine Derain business in addition to their commitments to the Sextant domaine and will be making the Derain wines from now on, which gives us much to look forward to from both sides of the release. 

"We love the fact that Julien is quite restless and is always searching for new challenges. It was therefore inevitable that he would make a skin contact wine using white grapes to produce an orange wine as they are known. The wine is made from the wonderful Aligoté grape variety from a four hectare plot in the Cote Challonaisse. The grapes (50% destemmed and 50% whole bunches) were crushed and then, instead of the juice being run off, it was left in contact with the skins for an nine day period allowing the anthocyanins and other polyphenols in the skins and pips to leach into the juice. The presence of the anthocyanins from the skins turns the wine a light orange colour and some of the other polyphenols extracted during the maceration give the wine a lovely rounded mouth feel. This is a very complex wine that is only available in tiny quantities, but we have been lucky enough to obtain a few cases for the Australian market." – Importer notes