Scala - 2020 Ciro Rosato

2020 Ciro Rosato

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Calabria, Italy

A unique and refreshing rosato that's delicious with Italian antipasti – DO IT. It's 100% Gaglioppo, given about 12 hours skin contact to extract a pale strawberry pink with orange intonations. Just a hint of the grape's abundant tannins, here. Whiffs of peach, watermelon and blood orange woo you into the glass where you're greeted with a slippery, seductive mouthfeel and a palate of strawberry, melon, peach and citrus, underscored by bitter marmalade. Characteristic wet slate notes on the nose and palate. Mmmm, fresh rain... 

Some fun facts: Calabria is located at the ‘toe’ of the Italian peninsula, and Cirò is Calabria’s best known wine region. The town of Cirò was one of the original Greek settlements and the site of the earliest Olympic games, where an ancient version of Cirò wine was given to the winners as a prize. Here, Gaglioppo is king. One of Italy’s oldest varieties, recent DNA studies have found that Gaglioppo is a natural crossing of Sangiovese and Mantonico. It's quickly taking centre stage and might just be the next Nerello!


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