Save the Queen - Rum From Brussels

Rum From Brussels

A special rum created by two gin-loving beekeepers from Belgium, crafted in tiny batches (from 200 to 800 bottles) at distillery De Moor, Belgium. The raw honey comes straight from the beehives, and in return for the bees’ golden nectar, each bottle contributes to protecting and sustaining bee populations. Distilled from 14 botanicals – juniper, coriander seed, lemon peel, cinnamon, angelica root, orris root, ginger root, cardamom, liquorice, rosemary, grains of paradise, cubeb pepper, nutmeg and lavender blossom – in a traditional copper pot still, using a combination of racking and steeping. It's bright and golden, and the sediment is beeswax coming from natural healthy honey. MEANT TO BEEEEE