SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce - Wasabi Shio

Wasabi Shio

Saori Kojima's guiding philosophy is ‘ Quality food; Quality life’. Amen. You will have a high quality life with this exceptional Wasabi Shio. It's a wowowowow combination of organic Tasmanian bull kelp, traditional wasabi powder and Australian sea salt. You can use it for so many things, such as tempura dipping, flavouring fish, adding zing to tofu or vegetable chips – sprinkle it on anything! The possibilities are endless. Handmade with love by Saori using the best natural ingredients. 26g.

When Saori moved to Melbourne from Hokkaido in 2011, she found it difficult to find authentic Japanese sauces and condiments that weren't overly processed and full of unnecessary additives and flavour enhancers. With lots of experience in traditional Japanese cooking (especially fermentation) and studies in nutrition, she began making traditional sauces from scratch using the best Aussie and Japanese ingredients. At first these special products were only for her inner circle, but now YOU'RE lucky enough to enjoy them yourself. Thank us later.