Saison - Fallen Quinces Vermouth

"An Australian Christmas-inspired vermouth with several infusions of organic pineapple quinces from Seymour in the north of Victoria. Blended with spirit infusions of saffron, blood orange, bay leaf, dried jasmine flower and rhubarb root. The spirit infusions are blended into the wine with two organic types of Australian wormwood and balanced out with Chef David's caramelised quince sugar and finally the vermouth is left to age on roasted quinces. Small batch vermouth that celebrates the bounty of each season. Proudly Melbourne made." – Dave Verheul

Saison is a small batch, handmade vermouth that celebrates the bounty of each season. It's crafted in Melbourne by chef-turned-aperitif-nerd Dave Verheul, born from the idea that new Australian vermouth could be focused on fresher, seasonal, singular ingredient-led flavour profiles – rather than the traditional heavily spice and caramel driven palate of many European producers. Dave's sweet vermouth is made using Moscato from a 30-year-old family run vineyard on the banks of the Murray River in Central Victoria, managed organically (not certified). 'Fallen Quinces' is really special stuff. Really really special. Serve over ice with a slice of citrus and a sprig of rosemary.

LIMIT OF 2 BOTTLES PER PERSON! Refunds will be given for orders larger than this xox

Type Vermouth || Region Rutherglen, VIC || ABV 19% || Vol 750ml