Roborel De Climens - 40 degrees Finition Rolle du Chateau Sainte Marguerite

A French artisanal single malt whisky created by Aymeric Roborel de Climens, an ex-oenologist and winemaker who worked for more than 20 years with renowned producers in Bordeaux. These whiskies are 100% French from beginning to end, using their old family distillery, and all the resources have been sourced from within the country. With his experience in the wine industry, Aymeric selects the best barrels from each winery for aging (from six to eighteen months), creating a nuanced identity for each release. He's been using mainly Cognac, Merlot and Sauternes barrels, but recently has created a whisky aged in Banyuls barrel (similar to a sherry cask), and has partnered with a Muscadet producer to use their amphorae, creating something really special and rare. These whiskies appeared in Australia for the very first time in late 2020 – in tiny quantities. Be quick.

This limited edition Single Malt 2016 whisky was developed by double maturation – first aged in French oak barrels before passing into dry white wine barrels. The finishing barrels come from Château Sainte-Marguerite; Cru Classé Côtes de Provence and contained exclusively Rolle. So graceful and elegant, it slips down your throat like a swathe of silk. On the nose are notes of nectarine, apricot and toasted almond; quite fruity and impossibly alluring. Tonnes of freshness on the palate, with earthiness and florals followed by a long, romantic farewell spliced with spice. Only 650 bottles produced. 

Type Whisky || Origin Alsace, France || ABV 40% || Vol 500ml