Where's Wally Pack

The iconic red-and-white-striped mystery man from your childhood has nothing to do with this pack; except that they're both red and white. And fun. And very hard to find.

~ Wedded to the Weather 2020 Susan petite pet nat (Fernao Pires, Montepulciano)
~ Winona x Good Intentions Beetlejuice (Pinot Noir, Semillon)
~ Winona x 3/4 Uppercut 2018 Winona F*#king Wine (Dolcetto, Arneis)
~ Shapeshifter 2019 Red (Pinot Noir)

An awesome foursome of red/white blends that are as satisfying as that moment when you finally found him...

** Ok, the Shapeshifter isn't red/white. Gotcha! It wouldnt be Where's Wally without a classic red herring, would it ;)