Range Brewing - Double Dip IPA

Double Dip IPA

Newstead, QLD

A modern IPA utilising the dip hop process. Dipped with Amarillo Lupomax and dry-hopped with Citra, Amarillo and Motueka.

Double Dip is a new IPA which we have brewed using a new process called “dip hopping”, which sees us change up the way in which we dry hop our IPA. We’ve gone with a combination of Citra LUPOMAX, Amarillo and Motueka for this beer and the results are lush. The body on this one is velvety and smooth, with a very full and plump mouthfeel. Heavy additions of Citra and Motueka are doing their things with copious amounts of citrus, white peach, melon and passion fruit all flooding the palate. The finish is saturating and juicy.