Pyewackets - Cucumber Hibiscus Shrub

Cucumber Hibiscus Shrub

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Northern Rivers, NSW 

Pyewackets is Genna and Katrina – two legends based in the Northern Rivers region, who are crafting shrubs from real ingredients the old fashioned way; slowly fermented and unpasteurised (at the Lovemore Fermentary in Lismore). Sweet, earthy and full of tang, shrubs are also an excellent source of vitamins and probiotics. They support your digestion and are naturally low in sugar. 

Pyewackets' Cucumber Hibiscus shrub is ultra crisp. It's refreshing and not too sweet. It's got serious depth. It truly tastes like cucumbers followed by a delightfully sour vitamin C hit from the rosella flowers. And it's pink. Say no more. Serve with gin or stand alone. This shrub is raw and unpasteurised, preserving its nutritional and probiotic quality, so pop it in the fridge when you get it!

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