Pyewackets - Traditional Aromatic Bitters

Traditional Aromatic Bitters

Northern Rivers, NSW 

Pyewackets is Genna and Katrina – two legends based in the Northern Rivers region, who are crafting shrubs from real ingredients the old fashioned way; slowly fermented and unpasteurised (at the Lovemore Fermentary in Lismore). Sweet, earthy and full of tang, shrubs are also an excellent source of vitamins and probiotics. They support your digestion and are naturally low in sugar. 

Pyewackets' Aromatic Bitters is a traditionally made, botanical cocktail tincture inspired by 18th century pharmacists and traditional herbalists. Bitter and delicious, it's crafted with organic, homegrown or ethically foraged herbs, roots and fruits, steeped in organic alcohol for a long time. These cocktail bitters contain no flavourings, colours or sugar – just plants! Use as you would any commercial bitters in a Lemon, Lime & Bitters, a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned. Where traditional recipes call for a dash, use 10 drops of Pyewackets Traditional Aromatic Bitters. As a herbal digestive, add 20 drops to a 200ml glass of bubbly or still water (if you need a little extra ooomph, top this off with a shot of your favourite vodka or gin for a sugar-free cocktail).