RADIKON - 2015 Ribolla 500ml

2015 Ribolla 500ml

Ribolla Gialla 
Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy 

Radikon's 2014 Ribolla is so alive you can almost hear it breathing in the glass. Explosive aromatics of quince, fresh orange zest, honey, ginger, vanilla and apricot set the stage for a big, textural persona with fine tannins, magical minerality and bracing acidity. A rich, structured, savoury wine that stands strong with hearty food. Hazy orange in hue, it balances beautifully between density and freshness; ideal for thinkers and drinkers alike. Organic fruit, hand picked, no temperature control, native yeasts, no added sulphur…the real deal. Long 4 month skin contact fermentation, maturation in casks for 4 years and bottle ageing for 2 years. The smaller, narrower (and sexier) 500ml bottle fosters slower micro-oxygenation and thus longer ageing. Drink room temp or slightly chilled ~ don't over-chill!

While ‘natural’ ‘orange’ wine dates back to 3000BC in Georgia, Radikon pioneered its reincarnation. In Oslavje, Friuli, the late Stanilaus (‘Stanko’) Radikon brought back ancestral methods in the ‘Slovenian’ style – hand-harvesting, extended skin maceration, large, older barrel fermentations without temperature control, no added yeasts or enzymes and no use of sulphur. Now run by son Saša, Radikon is cult status stuff renowned for its complexity, high ageing potential and deep, wild flavours.