Philippe Bornard - Ça Va Bien

Philippe Bornard was one of the Jura's most exciting natural winemakers (his son Tony now carries the torch). Bornard's distinctive fox labels have become emblematic of the phenomenal quality and purity for which the region is known.

"'Things are going well' when you are drinking a bottle of the Bornard Ca Va Bien, which is a lovely white sparkling wine made in the Petillant Naturel style from the Savagnin grape. The wine completes its fermentation in the bottle and no sugar is added, nor is it disgorged – so you will find some residual yeast remaining in the bottle. It is very low in alcohol at around 10%. Philippe is a master of pet nats even though he has not produced any for a few years due to the very low yields from his harvests. However, it is wonderful to see this wine back in Australia." – Living Wines (Importer)

Varietal Savagnin || Region Jura, France || ABV 10% || Vol 750ml