Philippe Bornard - 2018 Triffaut Le Ginglet

Philippe Bornard was one of the Jura's most exciting natural winemakers (his son Tony now carries the torch). Bornard's distinctive fox labels have become emblematic of the phenomenal quality and purity for which the region is known.

This light, lively wine is made from Trousseau – a delicate variety endemic to the Jura. Though it's impossibly easy to drink, this is not a simple wine. You can discern the influence of the limestone and marl soils, and there's a hint of spice on the finish making it a lovely food wine. Strawberry, raspberry, cranberry and cherry – all the good stuff. Beautiful rose petal texture massages your tongue. With a little air Le Ginglet blooms into an even more delightful drop (if that's even possible?). It's natural and expressive, but clean and refined. Wow. Just wow.

Varietal Trousseau || Region Jura, France || ABV 12.9% || Vol 750ml