Philippe Bornard - 2016 Melon Le Rouge Queue

2016 Melon Le Rouge Queue

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Jura, France

Plenty going on from this Chardonnay and Savignin blend. Banana, warmed honey, chamomile and pineapple lollies. Make way for burnt butter, green almond, apple brandy. It’s nourishing like a cognac, drinkable like a sherry. Miam. Wines from the Jura have always been on the laundry list of cool natural wine drinkers and makers, however the Bornard estate really transcends the trend and fits more into the annals of superb winemaking and viticultural history. The winery and many of the vineyards are in the small, quiet commune of Pupillin which is close to Arbois near the Swiss border. Though Philippe has retired, his son Tony runs the estate, holding up the legacy. He is meticulous in everything he does, his vision clear, to make some of the best wines in the world. As the years get harder weather wise in the Jura, it will be more and more of a rare occurrence to see wines from the appellation as Tony looks further afield. Snap them up where you see them. 

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