Pafritas - ‘L’Espelette’ Unsmoked Paprika Chips

Established in 1994, Pafritas is a small family business dedicated to perfecting and sharing Spain’s magnificent yet humble tradition of patatas fritas; the potato chip. Their chippies are hand crafted using natural, honest ingredients: Spanish potatoes, Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil from estate grown trees in Córdoba and a sprinkle of Mediterranean sea salt from Alicante. Hand fried in olive oil (rather than low-grade sunflower/other oils), they're delicate, fresh and light.

Pafritas' ‘L’Espelette' are made with unsmoked, sweet and quietly hot paprika from Espelette (Ezpeletako Biperra) in the French Basque country, where production has been protected origin (AOP) since 2000. They are insanely delicious: the definitive taste of Spain. 140g