Ottomani - 2017 Sangiovese Amphora IGT

As is often the case in regional Italia, Ottomani was born in 2006 as a four friends’ project; deciding to start their own venture after graduating in oenology at the University of Florence. Slowly, but steadily, they set up a little farm for the production of our wine and olive oil. This part of Chianti is famed for olive oil, and the vines and trees grow harmoniously together. Working with autochthonous (indigenous) varieties only and using biological-biodynamical techniques of cultivation and winemaking, they decided, from the beginning, not to use any chemical, preferring to work exclusively with agronomical methods which are sustainable for the environment. 

This Chianti is made from their best and brightest Sangiovese clusters in the vineyard. Sangiovese grows deep and dense on clay and marl, awarding a rustic, mineral texture that the region is famed for. Fermenting in Anfora leaves a raspberry leaf note, bright and wild. A serious wine without being stuffy about it and a flirty edge that'll satisfy any drinker. Additionally, it's unfined and unfiltered and has no added sulfur. 

Variety Sangiovese || Region Tuscany, Italy || ABV 13.5% || Vol 750ml