Otokoyama Tokubetsu - Junmai Can 'Namacho'

Can o'yum. Namazake (unpasteurised) by Otokoyama, which was founded in Hokkaido in 1887. Crafted with the water that trickles out of the perpetual snows of Daisetsuzan – one of the hundred most celebrated mountains in Japan – this sake is light, smooth and insanely approachable. The nose evokes all kinds of things – brown rice, wood, citrus, nut, apple, bamboo, caramel. On the palate, friendly fruits like melons and citrus with steamed rice glide down your throat like a gently flowing river. Happy savoury ending. So, so clean, and dry. Chill; or enjoy at room temp.

Type Sake || Region Hokkaido || ABV 15% || Vol 180ml