Occhipinti - 2019 Il Frappato

2019 Il Frappato

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Sicily, Italy

The Frappato is one of the most highly sought after wines, the vineyard sits on ancient limestone, and the fruit ripens in the warmth of the Iberian sunshine. A more magical image has yet to be conjured. Cherries, pure, magical cherries! Red licorice, black licorice, pine needles, salt. A balsamic drizzle over juicy watermelons. It’s one of those wines you really just want to take the biggest sip of, letting it fill your whole mouth. Gulp gulp gulp. Oh Arianna. The veritable princess of Sicilia. From great genes (her uncle is Giusto Occhipinti of COS) she has carved her own formidable reputation within the global wine industry, a champion of biodynamic viticulture, her wines are enchanting. 

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