NON x Maison Balzac - Golden Mandarin & Thyme + Candle

Golden Mandarin & Thyme + Candle

Melbourne, Australia

Two of Australia’s most exciting brands, NON and Maison Balzac, have joined forces to produce a limited edition candle and 0% beverage that deliver an immersive moment of Autumn. With a mutual interest in exploring the unconventional, this pack was born from a joint exploration of the flavours of the season.

This exclusive pack contains a specially developed bottle of NON and matching Maison Balzac candle, while a card insert provides access to a recipe using seasonal ingredients and a specially commissioned music mix by Melbourne producer Alex Albrecht of Analogue Attic. When burned, imbibed and listened to together, each element creates an immersive experience.

Inspired by autumnal ingredients, both the candle and the NON beverage feature intonations of golden mandarin, thyme and earl grey, which provide a warming and energising flavour and aroma. Fresh mandarin, lemon thyme, rosemary, Tasmanian pepperberry, earl grey, salt and verjus combine to create a delicate and elegant beverage with a bouquet of herbs and waves of citrus. Serve chilled. Pairs well with citrus-forward fish dishes, Autumnal pumpkin and crème brûlée.

In an effort to support small retailers, these limited edition packs will only be sold from select bottle shops – inlcuding yours truly :)