Nikau Farm - 2019 Pinot Noir

Wow. What a gem this is.

"The Nikau block is the centre piece of this label and is the vineyard I look out over each morning while sitting at the kitchen table. It is also the name of our humble farm. It’s roughly 0.50h and is 27 years old, planted entirely to Pinot Noir. It sits in the steep hills of an area known to the indigenous peoples of this country as ‘Tolone.’ The soils are comprised of a compacted sandstone base which becomes more compressed and stone-like the deeper you go. The vines have deep taproots which go down over 1.5 metres (as deep as I have dug) into the base layers. The fact that there have never been pesticides or herbicides used is clearly evident in the health of the soils and the property as a whole.

THE WINE...The yields in 2019 were tiny and we harvested about 700kg of fruit in total. The quality of the fruit though was exceptional with tiny berries on very small bunches producing very concentrated flavours while still holding great acidity. 100% hand destemmed fruit into stainless steel and left to start fermentation by its own accord. The fermentation was low and slow at relatively low temperatures due to the cool weather (it was April by this stage). No maceration, no plunging, no movement. After about 6 weeks the wine was pressed back into stainless steel for 10 months before being bottled by gravity directly off of its full lees. This is by far the most 'less is more' wine I have ever made, and has only been made possible by being able to grow fruit of the highest quality and health. It is a profound and captivating wine that is a very transparent and honest view of time and of place. It has immense energy, purity and vitality that I think can only happen when everything that contributes to a wine aligns in synchronicity and balance. I am very excited to be able to finally share this wine!" – Dane Johns

Variety Pinot Noir || Region Gippsland, VIC || ABV 12.5% || Vol 750ml