Mountain Culture - Mars Attacks Decoction Marzen

Mars Attacks Decoction Marzen

Katoomba, NSW

"Our second Decoction mash (well at least the second one that we’ve openly advertised) is also our second Marzen. A style traditionally brewed in the winter months of the Northern Hemisphere so we decided to brew it in Summer because as Boogie, one of our brewers, says “time is just a construct, and, I mean, I didn’t agree to it.”

Our longest lagered beer to date is also designed to be the easiest to drink and built for lazy summer sessions. The use of “Mountain Culture Pilsner” under-modified malted barley from Voyager Craft Malt and three types of Munich Malt provide a complex yet smooth malt backbone that glows the colour Autumn sunsets and balances the assertive and full character Pilsen yeast." – Mountain Culture