Mosse - 2019 Magic of Juju

"When we started out, 'natural wine', at least the way we speak of it today, did not exist. For us it was always about working organically in the vines. We never intervened in the cellar either. We work the vines organically and biodynamically: no chemicals, no herbicides and we work the soils. For me working as well as you can in the vineyard and not intervening in the cellar is the ONLY way to make exceptional wine." – René, of Domaine Mosse

As you can see, the Mosse family is meticulous when it comes to farming and winemaking. René and Agnes have been farming their plot in Anjou since 2001, but their sons are just as invested and will likely take over in the coming years. 
Magic of Ju-Ju is an album and song released by Archie Shepp in 1968 – it's an archaic, rambunctious tune that does not drop a beat. The wine is as persistent as the tune, however, in a more wave your hands in the air, free-flowing kinda way. The grapes are all fermented and raised in separate vessels, then blended together seamlessly for the most pleasing, dreamy drop. Full varietal expression comes out across the board with all the grapes involved here.
Variety Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadelle || Region Anjou, France || ABV 12.5% || Vol 750ml