Mitsutake Shuzojo - Hachimitsu Cutie Honey Umeshu

Hachimitsu Cutie Honey Umeshu

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Saga, Japan

Located in the small prefecture of Saga, on the island of Kyushu, Mitsutake Brewery was founded in 1688, and for generations it's been run by the Mitsutake family. They've been brewing sake forever, and potato, wheat and rice shochu for a couple of decades.

This impossibly tasty umeshu was crafted in collaboration with the Cutie Honey Japanese shōnen manga series (1973) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of manga artist Go Nagai (Kiyoshi Nagai). It's made with carefully selected Japanese plums, Japanese honey and a touch of brandy, fermented for over a year to create a delightfully refreshing umeshu, rich with the taste of plums and just the right amount of tartness and acidity. Super elegant, but also really fun. This is the kind of drink that would have certainly been enjoyed by the eponymous android crime-fighting heroine. Serve on ice; or however you like.


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