Mitsutake Shuzojo - Devilman Shochu

Devilman Shochu

Saga, Japan

Located in the small prefecture of Saga, on the island of Kyushu, Mitsutake Brewery was founded in 1688, and for generations it's been run by the Mitsutake family. They've been brewing sake forever, and potato, wheat and rice shochu for a couple of decades.

This succulent shochu was crafted in collaboration with the Devilman manga series (1972) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of manga artist Go Nagai (Kiyoshi Nagai). The front of the screenprinted bottle reads 'Invitation to the Makai (Devil's World)'. It's a deliciously pure shochu crafted with carefully selected sweet potato, black koji and water sourced directly from the Tara mountains. All natural. It's slowly aged for 2 years, allowing the mellowness and sweetness characteristic of the black koji preparation to really shine. There is a natural richness and umami from the sweet potato overlaid with a lovely sweet aroma. Mitsutake's description reads: "You can feel the invitation to the finest demon world that awakened from many years ... It is a devilish gem that you can enjoy while feeling the mysterious power of time". Hmm, thanks Google translate. Serve it on ice and off you go. Sweet potatoes are superfoods, right?