Milan Nestarec - Danger 380 VOLTS

Zap some volts through a melange of citrus, and you have this electric pet nat. Yuzu, grapefruit, lemon ... all things zippy, with picturesque floral aromatics. It's cloudy, effervescent, and feels totally nourishing; like kombucha. A blend of Muller Thurgau (70%), Neubürger (20%) and Muscat (10%), vinified dry, finishing in bottle, without any added sulphur. 

In the rustic landscape of South Moravia, past dirt roads and ancient villages, stands the Nestarec winery. It's run by superstar winemaker Milan, continuing the work of his father who, in 2001, planted 8 ha of vines across Moravský Žižkov and Velké Bíloviceo. No herbicides have ever been used in the organically-farmed vineyard, and zero additives in the winery. Buzzing with idiosyncrasy, Milan’s wines have become super sought after in a very short time.

Varietal Muller Thurgau, Neubürger, Neubürger, Muscat || Region Morava, Czech Republic || ABV 11% || Vol 750ml