Mikkeller Spirits Organic Botanical Gin

Handcrafted using a small copper still, one small batch at a time. Made with Simcoe hops and a carefully selected mix of botanicals, the technique used to impart flavors to this gin makes it pretty darn special. The natural botanicals are measured and infused into the spirit during distillation, a process that gives the gin an amazingly fresh aroma and taste. Forget about a juniper and pine overdose; this is a smooth and rich spirit. Liquid silk. It can be used with mixers and can definitely be enjoyed alone.

"When drinking Mikkeller Spirits Botanical Gin, you will most likely be hit by an overwhelming feeling of happiness mixed with a slight comforting adjusted way of seeing life: The good life!" – Mikkeller Spirits

Type Gin || Region Copenhagen, Denmark || ABV 44% || Vol 700ml