Matias Riccitelli - 2019 HEY MALBEC!

Matias Riccitelli brings us this phenomenally juicy Malbec from its birthplace in Mendoza. He’s a young, bold, adventurous maker producing a range of wines that are shaking things up in the region. His approach is authentic and honest. When many other Malbecs are over-oaked, over-ripe, and over-handled, Matias leans to a refreshing and true to grape interpretation. ‘HEY MALBEC!’ is his young, designed-to-be-drunk red. Juicy black fruits combine with violets and a dusting of black pepper, with soft ripe tannins leading an opulent finish. A fresh Malbec that begs you to finish the bottle…and it doesn’t have to twist your arm. 

Varietal Malbec || Region Mendoza, Argentina || ABV 14% || Vol 750ml