Matassa - 2020 Rouge

2020 Rouge

Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Single varietal Carignan – plummy, dank purple fruit and loads of herbs. Plush in the mouth and jammy, finishing long and bright. Alien wine, so lovely and enchanting.

There are many winemakers in the world who have embraced the “return to the earth” style of winemaking. Allowing the vines to speak for themselves, capturing the sights and sounds and sensory pleasures of place, and not tainting them with chemical or manipulative practice in the cellar. Some do this in a way that is truly impossible to recreate, and achieve cult status, heralded for wines that are esoteric, enigmatic, enrapturing. Tom Lubbe of Matassa, is a true example of this. He is a kind, patient and nurturing person with an incredible view of the world. His sensibility and personality has not only brought us these special wines, but inspired others around the globe to practice his ways in their own vineyards. A kiwi, settled in the Languedoc for many years now, Lubbe biodynamically cares for 15 hectares home to a myriad of local varieties, vinifying them into a stunning array of aromatically charged wines.