Mas Que Vinos - 2018 Los Conejos Malditos Blanco

Más Que Vinos was founded by three friends in La Rioja in 1998, a personal project rescuing old plots of indigenous grape varieties and moving all to organic viticulture. The biggest threat to these old vines is not the extreme conditions they face each year – whipping winds, blistering heat, bitter cold, lack of rain – but RABBITS, which destroy entire hectares of vineyards each year. Hence the name of this wine: the naugght bunnies.

Los Conejos Malditos Blanco comprises indigenous Spanish varieties Airén and Malvar, which spent 6 months fermenting naturally on skins in amphorae. It's succulent, earthy, aromatic and savoury. Hippity-hop.

Varietal Airén, Malvar || Region Rioja, Spain || ABV 13.5% || Vol 750ml