Mas Coutelou - 2019 Classe

‘A touch of class in a glass’. Classic pun by Jean Francois 'Jeff' Coutelou to describe his ‘Classe’ rouge. This sensational union of Syrah and Grenache evokes the scents and flavours of an archaeological dig; in a very good way. It has a deep nose of charred and fresh earth, dark fruits, mushroom and dried herbs followed by a generous palate of tobacco, cooked blackberry, aged leather, black tea and smoked something. Super savoury and about as natural-tasting as you can get. So soulful with a rough-diamond kind of elegance. Still really beautiful after two days in the fridge. Wow. 

Jeff Coutelou produces some of the finest quality and best value wines in the Languedoc. Located in the old winemaking village Puimisson, Mas Coutelou was established by Jeff's father in ’72 and has been organic since ’87. Today Jeff farms 14ha of vines and hundreds of olive trees (which protect his vines from neighbours' farming methods). His tiny-yielding vines are tended by hand, vinification is natural, without additives and tailored to the season, and bottling is done by gravity, without filtration. Jeff's potions pulse with vitality, in a region where the vast majority of wines are prone to flatness and dreary viticultural continuity.

Variety Syrah, Grenache || Region Languedoc, France || ABV 13.5% || Vol 750ml