Marto - 2020 Crazy Crazy Pet Nat

2020 Crazy Crazy Pet Nat

Muller Thurgau
Rheinhassen, Germany

Wow wow wow! Martin Wörner is a young winemaker running the gauntlet in Germany’s natural wine scene, and showing them how it is done. Based in the Rheinhassen, he works 5 hectares of fruit in accordance with biodynamic principles. Honoring the fruit, he makes a slew of wines ranging in styles. This is Muller Thurgau, a varietal that sings of fleshy yellow peach, golden wattle and tangy orange citrus. Cosmic, star shiny glitter in the glass. A true example of when a petillant can party, but also perform. Note! This wine is alive. Make sure it’s very very cold and once removing the crown seal, have a glass ready to pour straight into.