Mallaluka - 2020 Vementino

2020 was an incredibly difficult vintage, for most wine making regions of Australia. Consequently, Sam Lleyshon from Mallaluka, like many others, had to look outside of their immediate surroundings for fruit that was of good enough quality to make enough wine to get by. Despite there being some miles on this fruit, coming from the Mediterranean-ly flecked Riverlands in South Australia, the result is just fantastic. Happy organic fruit from anywhere, makes for happy, satisfying wine. 

Honey peach, golden delicious apple, subtle grip from 24 hours on skins. Vermentino gives a pleasing oiliness and this is no different, a good gateway drug to the world of orange/amber wine. 

Variety Vermentino || Region Riverlands, SA || ABV 12% || Vol 750mL