Lulu Vigneron - 2018 Poulsard

2018 Poulsard

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Jura, France

Straight outta Jura! Ludwig 'Lulu' Bindernagel and Nathalie Eigenschenck are driven by the motto 'wine is made in the vineyard', farming their vines organically, without insecticides, chemical fertilisers or machinery. The marly, calcareous soil is super unique; rich in fossilised oysters. Everything is done by hand, and fermentations take place at really low temperatures, lengthening the process for up to two years (!) to create insane complexity. Total production never exceeds 1,500 bottles per vintage.  

Lulu's 2018 lean 'n lively Poulsard is everything you want in a Poulsard. It's fun and funky yet luxe at the same time, painting bright red brushtrokes of cherry, cranberry and strawberry. Earthiness and vegetal notes keep things grounded – lucky, otherwise this celestial rouge would float up to the clouds. Stop reading this and open a bottle. 

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