Lulu Vigneron - 2011 Vin Jaune

A very special, very rare vin jaune by Ludwig 'Lulu' Bindernagel and Nathalie Eigenschenck in the Jura. Driven by the motto 'wine is made in the vineyard', Ludwig farms his vines biodynamically, without insecticides, chemical fertilisers or machinery. The marly, calcareous soil is super unique; rich in fossilised oysters. Everything is done by hand, and fermentations take place at really low temperatures, lengthening the process for up to two years to create insane complexity. Total production never exceeds 1,500 bottles per vintage.  

Hailing from Arlay, this spectacular vin jaune spent 7.5 years under flor (sous voile). Articulating tasting notes doesn't do this wine justice – it is beyond mere flavour. Perhaps it's more of a feeling; something nostalgic yet contemporary. Only a few bottles came to Australia ... you know what to do.

Variety Savagnin || Region Jura, France || ABV 13.5% || Vol 620ml