Lucy M - 2020 Wildman Blanc

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"Murky orange liquid with the smell of pipe tobacco from Cuba as the rich tropical scents fill the air and oh sooo textural with the emotional feeling of rocking back and forth in a chair to check your state of mind ... the gentle caress of someone much older than you ... the longing in your heart for something unknown ... the warm pulse of your blood ... please take me there wildman!

Sauvignon Blanc is grown at the Magpie Springs farm in the Hope Valley. It has sandy soil and is at the top of a hill near the ocean with strong ocean breezes sometimes. Pedro Ximénez grown by David Neldner on alluvial sand with underlying yellow-orange clay at his farm in Vine Vale in the Barossa. Whole branches of Sauvignon Blanc bunches and 5% Pedro Ximénez were placed in a 2400L wooden fermenter and the topped with free-run juice until the fermenter was full. The fermenter was sealed and the wine underwent carbonic ferment, then aged for 4 months. The wine is then pressed in winter and assembled." – Anton van Klopper

All of Anton's wines are made from organically farmed grapes, picked early for lower alcohol and vinified with zero additives. No chemicals are ever used in the winery – not even to clean (only water is used and occasionally alcohol which he distills himself). Wine for the purest of purists among you.   

Variety Sauvignon Blanc, Pedro Ximénez || Region Adelaide Hills, SA || ABV 12.5% || Vol 750ml